Libro y 52 cartas adivinatorias. EUR 18, Reseña del editor When life seems to be full of doubt and uncertainty we tend to look for a source of inspiration: Biografía del autor Osho is one of the most provocative and inspiring spiritual teachers of the twentieth century.

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Ver todas las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle. Detalles del producto Tapa blanda: Ha surgido un problema al filtrar las opiniones justo en este momento. Vuelva a intentarlo en otro momento. Tapa blanda. So far I've got only two items created by Osho - The Book of Secrets, which I had to get because I am passionate about Shiva sutras, and the Zen Tarot deck, as I am a Tarot cards collector and when I read Osho's interpretations in either of these two works, it's not just like reading a book or tarot card interpretation, but rather like savoring honey drops of wisdom.

Often I may ask a question, pull out a Zen Tarot card and find myself spontaneously contemplating the wisdom expressed in that card for days to come, not just intellectually, but feeling and experiencing it with my whole being. The experience is that of awe and sheer delight. I have many beautiful Tarot decks and I tend to use different decks for different purposes, but this one is in a category of its own and I highly recommend it to those who are actively involved in their own spiritual unfoldment.

Your soul will rejoice. I should add here that while this deck contains 78 cards like any other tarot and the interpretations of the cards are in the spirit of the tarot, the imagery on the cards is very different and it is particularly suited for bringing out information most appropriate for one's spiritual unfoldment. And the end of the enclosed booklet there are suggestions for several spreads, however I personally prefer to pull out only one card from this deck rather than doing spreads.

I use other decks for spreads.

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With this deck, for me, it's more like each card is like having a "full meal", and gives me plenty to contemplate. Tapa blanda Compra verificada. I won't write the headline in caps because if you are attracted to this post it was meant for you. I am in such gratitude for these gorgeous and sightful cards. I have had an auto connect with these cards from the minute I opened the package.

They have literally changed my spiritual life and soon my mundane one as well. I have been practicing meditation and reading for friends and family. Now I am currently reading for strangers and let me tell you these cards have helped with scary accuracy. At first I just read what I saw on the images, whatever popped out to me I told the client. Many felt ths reading related but wanted more depth.

I wasn't going to satisfy their need for depth by lying. I instead was patient and kept up practice. Yesterday for the first time I started getting strong messages from the cards that made me aware a shift was happening. At first I was hesitant to get "specific" but I decided to just go for it. When I got my first confirmation, literally I was speechless. I've always been empathic but wrote it off as "woman's intuition" until yesterday. Now I am getting more messages, sometimes images and great feedback. I currently offer free readings if you want to see for yourself and read through this whole post.

Tarot OSHO Zen - El Auténtico. Consúltalo Gratis Ahora

If you are thinking of getting these cards, go for it but know they will not connect with everyone. And they sure do not deserve anything lower than a 5 star view lol. Enjoy the journey. And thank you if you did read this entire post. Be blessed. A few months later and I still wouldn't trade these cards for ANY other deck. When I first chose this deck it was because it called to me. I still use Osho in my readings but only for my clients who are attracted to it since then I've only attained 3 other decks.

Also I now charge for my readings but at a pretty resonable price. Still great feedback. Stay blessed x. I love it! I was so happy when the cards arrived in a package with a book! Just what I was hoping for!

Osho Zen Tarot: Review & Reading!

I made a little video so everybody can see what's inside. PS It came 10 days earlier!


That is great! Hands down my favorite divination deck In spite of the title, it is really in no way a true tarot deck. The artwork is absolutely stunning, and doesn't really seem "scary" or off-putting to anyone, which can be very important if you read for someone else. In my long experience with the deck I've worn out two , it's usually right to do so when it does, but very few people want to hear that. My only issues are: I dislike the extra major arcana card that represents Osho.

It can simply be removed if desired.


Este es el tarot de Osho. Creado con la visión universal que solo un místico filósofo puede tener. Nos despeja la mente para poder ver con claridad en qué momento de nuestras vidas nos encontramos. Osho quiso que su baraja nos proporcionase equlibrio, armonía y paz interior, para poder distinguir el camino correcto que seguir en la vida. Los anuncios de las cartas osho nos vienen a comunicar que los acontecimientos que vivimos a nuestro alrededor son provocados por nosotros mismos, ya sea de forma consciente o inconsciente, y nos dan las claves para poder lo que podemos cambiar y lo que no para que podamos llegar a culminar nuestros logros en la vida.

Sus lecciones de vida se basaban en la paradoja y en lo contradictorio, de ahí que su trabajo sea tan complicado de resumir.

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  • Pero no fue hasta mediados de la década de los años 70 que el tarot de osho comenzó a tomar popularidad. Fue entonces cuando tomó el papel de maestro espiritual.

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    Osho plasmó la filosofía de la vida misma en sus cartas valiéndose de la sabiduría oriental. Se disponen en fila. Siendo la primera carta la que nos indica el momento actual, la del centro representa la visión que tenemos de nuestra realidad y, la tercera, simboliza nuestra situación presente con el universo. Recuerda que este tipo de tarot zen no es predictivo, sino evolutivo. Pues quiere decir que es un reflejo de nuestra vida actual, nos muestra el momento en el que nos encontramos al realizar la tirada de cartas osho.

    Las cartas osho son indicadores de lo que deberíamos o no deberíamos hacer para poder llegar al final del camino de la iluminación. Esta es una tirada de cartas en línea que te lleva lejos de las incertidumbres de la vida.

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